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  1. Here are some photos and a video of our Presentation Night last week. Well done all.
  2. The Wexford Premier RPC held our presentation night on Friday and the following are some of the photos taken on the night. Pictured presenting the awards are two of the clubs sponsors Denise Whitmore owner of Dolmen Digital and Henry Byrne Life Vice President of the Irish Homing Union, Chairman of the Irish South Road Federation and also Race Controller for the Irish South Road Federation. Above: The awards all ready to be presented on the night. Above: John Power Above: John Doyle Above: John Mc Farland Young Bird Average Winner. Champion Young Bird & Champion Young Bird Runner Up Winner Above: Liam & Dylan Whitmore Above: Mary Hore Above: Dylan Whitmore Best Young Fancier 2015 Above: Club Secretary Thomas Hore who was Old Bird Average Winner, Champion Old Bird of the Year Winner & Champion Old Bird Runner Up Winner. Above: Caroline & Brian O Toole collecting the Channel Average Cup and Overall Champion 2nd Runner Up Cup on behalf of Mick O Toole Above: Richard & Jimmy Hamilton Overall Champion Runner Up and Champion Yearling of the Year Winners Above: Combine Average Winner Peter Dempsey Above: Club Chairman Dave Hills with wife Cheryl Above: Tommy and Maura Dunne Above: John Mc Farland, Peter Dempsey, Jimmy Hamilton, Thomas Hore and Mick O Toole with their prizes sponsored by Ryan Barr Pigeon Diagnostics. Above: Pat Byrne, Jonjo Flood and Tucker Daniels. Above: Tucker Daniels, Thomas Maguire and Henry Byrne Above: Some of the fanciers and friends who attended the presentation. A full detailed article and alot more photos will be published in the pigeon magazines soon.
  3. Race sponsored by Henry Byrne Sandyhill Stud 9 Members 205 Birds 1st Dempsey & O Keefe 1721.111 2nd Dempsey & O Keefe 1720.818 3rd Dempsey & O Keefe 1719.358 4th Dempsey & O Keefe 1717.609 5th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1705.412 6th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1704.891 7th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1704.891 8th Dempsey & O Keefe 1704.890 9th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1665.183 10th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664.686 11th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664.686 12th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664.189 13th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664.189 14th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664,189 15th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1664.189 16th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1663.693 17th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1663.197 18th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1662.701 19th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1662.701 20th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1662.701 21st Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1662.205 22nd Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1662.205 23rd Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1661.710 24th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1661.710 25th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1661.215 26th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1661.215 27th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1661.215 28th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1660.720 29th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1660.720 Congratulations to Peter Dempsey who had a very good race taking the top four places. Well done also to Jimmy Hamilton & Sons who had another outstanding performance as can be seen from the result. Everyone once again enjoyed another great race with returns almost 100%. Don't forget to check out our new website for more results, photo's etc. Above: Race winner Peter Dempsey with his prizes sponsored by Sandyhill Pigeon Supplies. Above: Some of the clubs members who were present at race marking.
  4. 9 Members 210 Birds 1st Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1205.709 2nd John Mc Farland 1197.370 3rd John Mc Farland 1194.154 4th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.909 5th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.909 6th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.909 7th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.909 8th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.781 9th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.781 10th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.653 11th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.525 12th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.525 13th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.397 14th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.270 15th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.270 16th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.014 17th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1192.014 18th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1191.759 19th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1191.503 20th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1191.503 21st Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1191.376 22nd Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1191.121 23rd Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1190.738 24th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1190.228 25th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1184.273 Well done to club President Jimmy Hamilton & Sons on a dream performance taking 23 of the first 25 positions. Well done also to John Mc Farland who finished 2nd & 3rd to almost win his 4th race of the young bird season. Jimmy is also the lucky winner of a super young bird bred for the stock loft by Steve and Jackie Mc Phail from there relatively new stud set up of predominately De Rauw Sablon obtained via direct Marcel Aelbrecht and all the members would like to thank Steve and Jackie for their super donation. For more information visit our club website: http://www.wexfordpremier.com/#!results/cf16 The members would also like to thank Henry Byrne from Sandyhill Pigeon Supplies who also sponsored this race. Winner Jimmy Hamilton & Grandson Jamie
  5. Members : 10 Birds : 270 1st John Mc Farland 1653.175 2nd John Mc Farland 1653.175 3rd John Mc Farland 1652.504 4th John Mc Farland 1649.826 5th John Mc Farland 1648.490 6th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1645.317 7th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1644.694 8th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1643.448 9th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1640.033 10th Jimmy Hamilton & Sons 1639.104 11th John Mc Farland 1620.933 12th John Mc Farland 1618.571 13th John Mc Farland 1618.571 14th John Mc Farland 1617.499 15th John Mc Farland 1617.499 Above: Race winner John Mc Farland with his prizes sponsored by Vanrobaeys Top quality pigeon feeds. The lucky winner of the clubs next race will receive a super young bird bred for the stock loft. For more information visit our club website: http://www.wexfordpremier.com/#!results/cf16
  6. Result of yesterdays race Sponsored by Kevin Doyle Premier Pets. 11 Members 255 Birds 1st John Mc Farland 1770.081 2nd John Mc Farland 1768.360 3rd John Mc Farland 1765.614 4th John Mc Farland 1765.271 5th John Mc Farland 1764.244 6th John Mc Farland 1759.125 7th John Mc Farland 1748.304 8th John Mc Farland 1747.968 9th John Mc Farland 1746.961 10th John Mc Farland 1745.619 11th John Mc Farland 1737.283 12th Dempsey & O'Keeffe 1702.884 13th Dempsey & O'Keeffe 1701.740 14th Dempsey & O'Keeffe 1701.168 15th Dempsey & O'Keeffe 1699.741 A huge thank you once again to our convoyer Dave Hills and his assistant Dylan Whitmore from all who raced. Returns were excellent just as they have been every week since we started this season. All members are delighted with the returns. Above: Race winner John Mc Farland. Well done John
  7. 11 Members 103 Birds 1st Patrick Murphy 1652.359 2nd Patrick Murphy 1650.400 3rd Mary Hore 1628.928 4th Mary Hore 1624.492 5th Mary Hore 1620.124 6th Mary Hore 1622.651 7th Thomas Hore 1618.629 8th Patrick Murphy 1594.614 9th Patrick Murphy 1592.334 10th Thomas Hore 1582.493 Well done to Patrick Murphy on winning his first ever race in his first ever season racing pigeons. A huge congratulations from all the members of the Wexford Premier RPC. This race was the final inland old bird race of the season. The young bird racing starts on 11th July and for anyone who may be interested in joining with us to race young birds you can do so now for only €50. Above: Race Winner Patrick Murphy with his prizes sponsored by Vanrobaeys Pigeon Feeds
  8. Rings 32001 - 36000 are registered to Clondalkin club. Officials number is : Ray Benson 087 9628007
  9. Well done to Peter Dempsey who timed 2 birds flying almost 350 miles. 1st Dempsey & O Keefe 1378.947 2nd Dempsey & O Keefe 1000.244 Above: Race winner Peter Dempsey with his prizes sponsored by Bucktons
  10. Result of todays race from Rosscarbery 11 Members 118 Birds 1st Thomas Hore 1772.440 2nd Thomas Hore 1772.440 3rd Thomas Hore 1771.704 4th Mary Hore 1746.292 5th Mary Hore 1743.911 6th Mary Hore 1738.694 7th W & M Hore 1736.805 8th Dylan Whitmore 1711.585 9th Dylan Whitmore 1696.452 10th Dylan Whitmore 1696.221 Above: Thomas Hore with his prizes for today's race sponsored by Petmaster Wexford Well Done to all in today's result and the very best of luck to all the clubs members who have birds entered in the clubs next race from Penzance tomorrow.
  11. Result of yesterdays race flown from Bude. This is the clubs second channel race and both races have now been won by Mick O Toole. Mick had a super race clocking 8 pigeons. 1st Mick O Toole 2nd Francis Kelly 3rd Mick O Toole 4th Dempsey & O Keefe 5th Mick O Toole 6th Mick O Toole 7th Dempsey & O Keefe 8th Mick O Toole 9th Dylan Whitmore 10th Dempsey & O Keefe 11th Mick O Toole 12th Mick O Toole 13th Dylan Whitmore 14th Mick O Toole Above: Race winner Mick O Toole with his prize sponsored by Bucktons. Well done also to Dempsey & O Keefe, Francis Kelly and Dylan Whitmore who all received great prizes sponsored by Bucktons.
  12. This week is a very busy one for the members of the club as they are competing in 4 different races. Members have their pigeons entered in races from Sennen Cove, Kinsale, Penzance and Bude. The results of the two races flown so far are: Kinsale 13th June 2015 Members : 12 Birds : 174 1st L & D Whitmore 1272.33 2nd L & D Whitmore 1272.211 3rd Mick O Toole 1268.834 4th Mick O Toole 1267.385 5th Thomas Hore 1263.867 6th John Doyle 1260.297 7th Dempsey & O Keefe 1259.091 8th Dempsey & O Keefe 1258.971 9th Dylan Whitmore 1253.812 10th Dylan Whitmore 1252.395 11th Dylan Whitmore 1252.238 12th L & D Whitmore 1251.138 Sennen Cove INFC Yearling National 10th June 2015 1st Mick O Toole
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