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  1. Is pigeons still available
  2. Rip pure legand and great actor made any show he was in great rip trigger
  3. Hat was a good read mate av none first year racing this years grandad left me his doos my gran done them and first year we got first club second fed for charnock Richards cup she was only one in area to have a bird she didn't know it was there she was reading magi zone n if she knew we would have gt first she was beat by point seconds Tht was in 1990 summit she won it
  4. What about ivermectin sheep wormer I had big bottle for when I had sheep does tht work I got a bird one keep it was for parrots and birds
  5. Misses bought loads the living room was full of toys the middle son taken one leaving it then on to other toy oldest one got drums tablet n ps3 and pap he's 7 so middle son was banging drum all day n misses was stressed her first time cooking Xmas dinner she did great at it n her mum n dad n brother was up glad there in there beds am happy hot half ma fees for racing n misses picked up wrong aftershave it was women's perfume lmao thank god there on there beds lol plus baby was grump crying allday n wanting bottle every two mins lol
  6. Have good Xmas and new year everybody and hope 2014 racing will be good years racing for use all
  7. I ow much is courier from you to central scotland
  8. Hi I pm u about the pigeons thanks Ross Hi I pm u about the pigeons thanks Ross
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