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  1. i would just like to thank the people for all their help this year Brian Haddon for his help race controlling who had to give up due to ill health Sandy McGilvery who stepped in and replaced Brian Colin McCrae these 3 guys where a great help to getting some good racing also the feds top table for all their support the club secs who helped getting messages out at short notice to their members also most of the fed members for their help and understanding in what has been a difficult season due to weather and lastly our driver Ron Cameron who with out doubt looked after the birds and as was commented on many times the birds always returned in great condition a credit to him and in my opinion and many others the best driver this fed has had for many years a big thank you all for all your help it has been greatly appreciated
  2. happy birthday Colin hope u have a great day
  3. well done young man star of the future just what the sport needs new blood
  4. well done Richard a good win to end the season and well done all timers
  5. well done Colin and all timers
  6. birds cleared in 1 batch heading north great lib best of luck to all
  7. guys please note aprox 620 birds will be libbed at 07-45 light sse wind clear blue skys and sun i will update once libbed please pass onto all members
  8. its u that's thick but thats u all over with your title tattle what's on there is partly true and i told the guy that at the time he phoned me u should find out the truth first before being a dustbin and posting crap
  9. it looks like your implying me what was put on that site and the guy was told exactly what happened none of the lads said it would be good to lib and the guy contacted me i could say a lot more but i,ll leave it at that u post some crap
  10. Davey who r u implying this is because from what i was told off 1 of the lads there no one told them it was good to go u should do your home work instead of posting crap
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