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  1. So far yes its going ahead but with numbers controled going in.....This could change anytime...giving it a miss .

    New Kim

    For that price ID want the rest of the female kardashians not just Kim.
  3. Two crap teams playing each other...england were not much better...........scotland would destroy england wales and ireland the way their playing.
  4. Cant see it going ahead next year as most of the trips go to belgium first and this place is a virus hot bed ..Antwerp is the worst place for cases in belgium and i cant see that changing
  5. Could we add lead to these spray paints and this might help over a period of time.
  6. What do lads think of these products are many using them...
  7. Will there be oldbird national racing this year in scotland from france.I always follow these races and have been over waiting on gold cup weekend in the past.
  8. A fruit company imported 200 fruit pickers from bulgaria during a corona virus pandemic.We are not allowed go further than 2km from home yet these are being flown in madness.
  9. Thanks podgy...when do you put them on the dark and what is the latest date you can put your first team on it .
  10. Sorry Wiley ill rephrase the question when does natural darkness end and we have to put them on darkness....ie do they need to be on it before the clock changes.
  11. What is the latest date you have to put your youngbirds on the darkness .
  12. late bred training will be a great tool for when we are back racing
  13. Id never bid online because your only bidding against yourself in the end,if your the highest bidder online it starts at that in the hall...better to hold off and bid in the hall.
  14. Missing 2 late breds and another yearling she attacked while i was in the garden
  15. Going myself Alf.............think i met you in the lawton a few years back..
  16. Guess nobody racing and winning with pure white pigeons
  17. Anyone know of fanciers racing pure white pigeons and winning with them at sprint racing.
  18. Nice to see Ole helping liverpool out for once.........
  19. A mutation has to happen way back in some breed of pigeon then pigeon fanciers cross breed into say homer type birds and inbreed or line breed to get that gene into their birds.most funny colours come from the fancy birds and its bred into racer / homer birds......I was in poland this year and the colour of the street pigeons was amazing
  20. You need a barless blue to start with or 2 blues with the barless blue gene to get barless blues.
  21. Yes Adam dilute blue or dilute blue check. Thanks Michael.
  22. Thanks for sharing the photos. Anyone on here got those silver blue/ silver checks that are from racing stock.
  23. What lines are they....
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