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  1. Gutted to learn of Davie’s Passing ! He was indeed a true Gentleman and Great Doo man !! My Sincere Condolences to to his Family at this Sad time. RIP Davie pal
  2. Heard Santas little helpers been busy today posting Nice letters You’ve got to love Christmas !!
  3. Jesus Ron Don’t be someone’s puppet Pal !! Tell them to post it themselves (obvious who) No Testiculars
  4. Sent mine back also but then I was of the understanding these Letters were deemed Void anyway due to they’re untruthful & manipulative content ?
  5. Dooheed 5


    Heard a while ago Unikon could be pulling the plug on the Pigeon side of they’re business
  6. Sandy spot on in your explanation of the man but as for rest you couldnt be further from the truth if you tried !!
  7. Gogs it widely mentioned here that its was Going to be the Worst thing that could have ever happened for Actually Racing up here was these Lads being at helm !! Jesus how true that has been !! If some Fanciers dont want to Race and test they’re RACING pigeons for what ever reason (some clouds) that’s entirely up to them its they’re birds at end of day and if they want to keep them for looking at in Winter so be it but it shouldn’t stop others who want to Race from doing so which has been the case last few seasons !! Suggesting Distance minded lads in fed get a trailer is Unbelievable and shocking to hear ?? Question- Who birds do they want most for fed sales ?? Correct Guys who do well in Distance National flying ! Hypothetical to say the least coming from lads that widna know a good Doo if it flew into they’re Face !!
  8. Totally Agree !! Absolutely spot on Gogs with your Analysis ! The way this has be handled by President and his so called team is totally Corrupt and bang out of order (Not the first time) and now he’s been found out for lying and deceiving members and must face the music at a proper agm or resign !! For the future of those members who want to Race in NE Scotland there must be change at top
  9. Dooheed 5


    Absolute Joke Robbie ! Laughing stock
  10. RIP Walter absolute legend
  11. Sorry to hear this Matthew but you come first ! Aw the Best mate
  12. Showing its a Buckie Doo on list
  13. Brilliant stuff Derek Well Done Best in the West by Far !!
  14. Best o luck No help from your Fed thats for sure Gogs ?
  15. Well Done Lads :emoticon-0137-clapping: Great Credit to Neil for transporting birds down
  16. Nae problem Bud ! Its a bit thin but otherwise ok
  17. Came in here today ! Can only make out first part of wing stamp 01261 33??? Has thin red rubber on !
  18. Dont think i said in my reply “Sit and do nothing†each to they’re own Do what ever you think might work but Unfortunately your suggestion won’t work that I can also Guarantee
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