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  1. Sorry to hear this Matthew but you come first ! Aw the Best mate
  2. Showing its a Buckie Doo on list
  3. Brilliant stuff Derek Well Done Best in the West by Far !!
  4. Best o luck No help from your Fed thats for sure Gogs ?
  5. Arite Morning high cloud with wee touches of blue showing in the heed
  6. Well Done Lads :emoticon-0137-clapping: Great Credit to Neil for transporting birds down
  7. Nae doon tossing Doo’s but good enuff conditions for lib
  8. Left Peterhead at 6:45 to drive to Kirkcaldy and it was overcast with drizzle but once got past Fofar it brightened up ! left Kirkcaldy 11:30 to drive back up Road and whole way up been decent with High cloud with some blue sky breaking throo .
  9. Nae problem Bud ! Its a bit thin but otherwise ok
  10. Came in here today ! Can only make out first part of wing stamp 01261 33??? Has thin red rubber on !
  11. Nae sure what the weather was like at Snfc meeting last night ???
  12. Foggy kine ov start but slowly brighten up in the heed
  13. Dont think i said in my reply “Sit and do nothing†each to they’re own Do what ever you think might work but Unfortunately your suggestion won’t work that I can also Guarantee
  14. It wont make one bit of difference ! They will still be there In all months !! If you did race youngsters later the Peregrine young would be even more experienced and deadly !! They have a very wide range of prey that they can practice on !!
  15. Very Dulll,Damp & overcast in heed ! Hopefully clears up abit
  16. Scorchio in the heed again The lido beach is like the Copacabana !!
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