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  1. Totally agree with you Alf but only if they go by this ever race ??? Lost count number of time up here in North we’ve been shut oot due to “inclement weather” Did they hold ? Like F@ck they did !!
  2. Craig enjoyed our chat very obvious whos been in your ear !! Craig it Doesn’t matter about 8 year ago as you state you were a 15/16 year old but What does matter roll on to last friday let me get this right your 24 so not a kid with no sense im sure most would agree??So that you thought it would be ok to return something to which you were given in good faith on the promise it would be returned the way it was given but returned years later in a absolute sh&t State with half of it missing is truly unbelievable when others thats started up in club since could have used instead of folking out they’re not cheap !!! Club gave that to you as a Young lad to help you out like most clubs would id say ? (truth be told i spoke up for you to get it) Members including mysel gave you birds to get you going out of kindness not that they had too also so to say iv “Stuck you with a brush” is a Much appreciated Cheers👍 Best of luck with Winning the YB National ! I hope you do for the for the promise you made to the “Very Special Person in your life” Which I could almost Guarantee he/she never taught you growing up to treat others this way that help you ? Course they didn’t !! PS - Wee tip next time you call someone try leaving message stating whos calling if no answer saves you calling 20 odd times ??
  3. Craig lads up here help you no end in past with Birds,ETS systems and you showed them No respect at all so why would any of them help you now ?? You know what Im on about kid
  4. Mon the Famous Glasgow Rangers
  5. Simple explanation Andy !! total clown 🤡
  6. Rest in Peace Pete ! Great Doo man
  7. Totally ignoring and trying to make fools out of the Governing Body of the Racing Pigeon Sport in Scotland !! Hope SHU stand up to his actions and deal with it swiftly and accordingly as this highlights exactly why most wanted him out of this position !!
  8. Correct With Result Robbie Seen email from SHU Voting was closed friday 28th January but Yet as far as Im aware no emails have been sent out to club Secretaries so to inform members of Result ??? Voting that took place earlier results were almost immediately sent out ! Wonder Why ??
  9. Sorry to learn this Great Dooman ! RIP John Condolences to his Family
  10. Gutted to learn of Davie’s Passing ! He was indeed a true Gentleman and Great Doo man !! My Sincere Condolences to to his Family at this Sad time. RIP Davie pal
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