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  1. I'm going to start my latebreds in a week or two and they will be trained to 63 miles and then stopped for the year, Guaranteed, these will be my most reliable pigeons next year. I've said it 100 times, we should be racing our ybs in OCT/NOV. Not as much BOP, No clashing, No yb sickness, No need for darkening.
  2. You are correct once again Roland. The problem has always been with the fanciers apathy and laziness to sort things. Success at all things comes from dedication and work and we , as fanciers MUST work at saving the sport.
  3. Your right Andy, serious times we are in at the moment and action is needed pronto.
  4. Kevin, I haven't a clue why things don't get sorted asap. I actually believe fanciers enjoy the grief !!!
  5. A think tank with all the respectable and experienced fanciers taking part with the main objective in getting the sport out the mess its in. A few issues needing addressed pronto are- 1. BOP 2. YB Sickness / viruses and when to race ybs.ie. alternative winter program. 3. Routes east or west or both to avoid clashing. 4. National and fed racing , together or separate. The sport needs a clear out from top to bottom with a Barry Hearn approach to lift its image. Disaster after disaster at racing, doom and gloom at every aspect of the game, It needs sorting so lets get a team set up to take the game forward. One things for sure, without action, the game is done.
  6. Thanks lads. Much appreciated. Well done to all the section winners and national average winners.
  7. Got my 3rd at the back of 2 so they are still working in.
  8. Superb result , loft definitely on fire
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