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  1. Exactly and it is true of clubs and federations across the country. The same few do all the work and get criticised to the extent they eventually give up. Apathy rules
  2. Unfortunately the majority of members are not on here so they are in the dark. The mechanism is committee run the SNFC and deal with complaints with right of appeal to SHU. I don't make the rules just pointing them out.
  3. You are entitled to your opinion like everyone else but I can assure you that I am certainly not "shallow". I have been of the opinion for a few years now that the running of the SNFC was in need of a good "shake up". The past president unfortunately was weak and could not handle a meeting although he was given very little respect by some members in particular the 2013 meeting which was a disgrace. The "election" of the committee has long been a farce with names being shouted from the floor until enough accept the position. I am sure there are members who would be glad to serve on the committee but due to work commitments cannot undertake to run marking/clock stations or run around verifying winning pigeons etc and therefore decline nomination. If things are as reported why has the committee not sorted it out. They were put there by the members so I suppose it is the members who are to blame for the situation. The vast majority of members have never been to an AGM and wont attend an EGM as frankly all they want to do is fly their pigeons and they don't really care about the politics. There are mechanisms in place for this to be sorted out but in my opinion an EGM would cause more unrest and would no doubt turn into a slanging match
  4. I think you need to read your rule book before you make false statements
  5. Nothing to do with the Scott Gibson case. If you don't know what I`m talking about you`ve obviously not been in the doos that long. Ask some of the wise old heads to enlighten you. It is always wise to listen to your elders and I repeat the SNFC wouldn't survive what happened last time
  6. Seems like a lot of sour grapes being sucked here. A few things bother me. Why put these allegations on a public forum to which a limited number of members have access. Follow the correct procedure! If Mr Rankin was dissatisfied with the actions of the SNFC officials and committee he has means to have it investigated via the SHU long before now. The four items listed by Mr Quinn would probably all be ruled out of order by the SHU if it ever got that length. A word of warning, the last time a personal disagreement between two members escalated into a major dispute it almost finished the SNFC.
  7. Glad that's been sorted out. I`1l sleep better tonight
  8. So they can go back to oblivion in the championship
  9. JADE


    Its a shame that in a democratic society when a vote does not go your preferred way that some can only offer insults to those of a different opinion to themselves
  10. He has 35 miles on the winner and was 114 ypm behind. B1, C1 and D1 were all better performances than E1 but the best of the lot was A1 (the winner)
  11. Read my statement. I said the SNFC needs a shake up. Phil is a nice guy but he is not a good president and cant handle a large meeting. I cant comment on committee meetings because I don't know what goes on. Any agm I have been at it seems to be "who is willing to give up their spare time to be on the committee?" rather than who is good for the snfc. By the way as I assume the president approved the improved website mines a Bacardi and coke lol
  12. JADE

    Beat This!

    I would blame the convoyer. He must have parked the lorry facing the wrong way. See if the guy will keep it until next june and send it back with a transporter
  13. Yes the SNFC could do with a shake up but the committee is mainly made up of volunteers as far as I can see. Most of the guys who do all the moaning would run a mile if they were asked to go on the committee. It is still the greatest club in the land imo and there is no greater thrill in pigeon racing than getting a good one from THE national. Got to say the entry from the west is PATHETIC for a race from that location in an east wind
  14. JADE

    Snrpc Ybn

    Jim Benvie won it. Great performance
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