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  1. I have 2 sets of widowhood boxes 30 wide 5ft high 14 deep the last of the boxes I have can deliver for diesel money
  2. Just the same as them but 9 long
  3. muttley_1


    I’ve got boxes 25” wide 20” deep 6ft high mate if interested the fronts sit back 6”
  4. muttley_1


    New 4 rows off 9 easy clean perches and 4 rows of 6 easy clean perches any one interested contact me
  5. muttley_1


    I have some perches made
  6. Only 3 sets off pipo boxes left
  7. I have the last 4 sets off 5 high pipo boxes for sale can deliver if interested
  8. I have sets of 4 high nest boxes 6 ft high 25” wide 20” deep for sale any one interested pm you number and I’ll send a photo
  9. 4 rows off 6 easy clean perches 46 and a half inches wide for sale
  10. I have 4 rows off 10 easy clean perches ply wood trays for sale new
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