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  1. 4 rows of 6 easy clean perches 46 and a half inches long
  2. Mutley i was looking for 3 rows of 9 easy clean perches if you give me your number i could contact you, i have had them before from you and they are fine but lost your number somehow mines is 07807091927 thanks in advance

  3. ok bigman  no meticed you sold them maybe next time you make them you could do me 3x9  69 and give me a shout cheers 

    1. muttley_1


      Just made 4 rows of 8 easy clean perches today mate 61” long if interested 

    2. avante


      only need 3 rows  either of eight or nine how much for them bigman

  4. I have a set of widow hood boxes I could donate to the new starter if there any good
  5. 4 rows of 9 at 68†long for sale
  6. muttley_1


    4 rows of 9 easy clean perches 69†wide
  7. 2 wide 4 high easy clean perches 17†wide 69†high for sale
  8. Thanks has anyone got his number
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