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  1. The Birds have gone to a new starter. Thanks for all the enquiries.
  2. A kit of 2 cocks and 4 hens stock birds Strain Keith Morgan (50 - 500 mile) All 2011 bred. I have had Club Fed and open positions with youngsters from these birds. Ideal for new starter or anyone wanting to add to their Keith Morgan strain. No ped Pick up welcome Rochester Kent or courier at new owners cost
  3. After recently bringing in quite a few birds from top winning lofts. I find myself with too many hens and have doubled up on many. Im looking to swap a hen or hens for a quality SVR Stock cock or a son of lines that produce. These hens are mainly Mardon lines with a bit of Pallet and would be looking for this in the cock. Could you pm me what you have to offer and I will give you full details of the hens. Thank you
  4. 2008 Blue Pied Cock, part ped with all the top Eagleson Birds in it including R24, Nikita, Fair lass and White Cheeks. 2009 Blue hen, part ped including The Boss, Storin Norman, Champ Adam 2008 Unrung Blue Pied Cock. Part ped including White Cheeks, Stormin Norman, T66 Birds free to new starter or novice. Based in Kent. Your welcome to come and collect or arrange a courier
  5. Is there anyone in the Basingstoke area RG24. Who can collect a youngbird from a non fancier?
  6. Hi there Can anyone help with contact details for Eamon Streatfield of Snodland Rochester in Kent please. If you can, can you pm me with either his mobile or email address. Thank you
  7. Hi there, Can anyonE PM me the phone number of Eamon Streatfield of Snodland Rochester in Kent please. Regards Roger
  8. roger9

    Came Into My Loft

    Yes the same bird. Spoke to the owner today and it would appear to like Kent has had a trip to Orpington earlier in the summer!
  9. roger9

    Came Into My Loft

    Came in to my loft in Rochester Kent. with a team of my young birds this evening from a training toss. So it gets about a bit! Have caught it, fed, watered and reported it.
  10. My name is Roger from Rochester Kent. Im not really one for internet chat and forums but have got to say a big thank you to pigeon basics forum and all the members I have had dealings with since I joined in June. I was told that there are some good people within the sport and have found out first hand how good the people are. After years of saying I would enter the sport of Pigeon racing. I finally did it this year. Problems with my back gave me the time needed to start up. I have been lucky enough to start to build up a stock team for next year from members on this site. Thank you to Adam Jak Jak who supplied me 2 superb SVR hens and a Lamb/Jan cock. Nigel Holloway for a proven stock pair of SVR 2 youngsters from this mating and a stunning pair of SVR/Janssen cross. Norfolk Al for 2 SVR cocks and Chris for the 3 young birds. These birds that were supplied are of the highest quality. Advice is only a message away from these people too. The ones that I wasnt sucessful with still made contact back. Last Saturday I had my first young bird race. A N/E caused problems to a lot of members a my club. I had 15 of the 20 sent return on the day 2 more on the monday. I had a letter yesterday from the RPRA stating that one of my birds was found in Wiltshire by a non fancier. I entered a note on the lost and found and again members offering sound advice has meant that my bird is being picked up by a fancier for me to pick up sunday. Thank You Pigeon Basics and the Membership. Regards Roger
  11. Thank you Redcheqhen and again everyone who has assisted. I have contacted Stephen Bunn and he is going to get the bird this evening.
  12. Im sorry for the late reply. Internet has been down. I live in Rochester Kent. I am travelling to Gloucester on Sunday to race my Whippets and can drop in and get it on the way back. Thanks very much for the offer Peter but Southampton is a bit far. I have spoken to the people that have reported it. It is very good of them but it is being kept in a greenhouse, he has sheeted over to stop the heat. The bird was quite weak and has got out once but didnt go very far. I will try that number you provided. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice
  13. I have recieved a letter from the RPRA stating that in our very first pigeon race that one of the non returns has been found by a non fancier in Boscombe Down, Amesbury, Wiltshire. Is there any fancier that can help out and take the bird in. I can collect on Sunday. Regards Roger
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