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  1. Hi Billy,

    have now got bob’s birds here, trying to find out if they are his or not!

    there’s a bird here with ring number GB 19 x 49275 , does it ring any bells? 

    1. dumyat


      Yes one of mine colin

  2. Congratulations Davie, well deserved 👏
  3. tintin


    Congratulations Martyn , superb ðŸ‘
  4. Congratulations guys and 1st Fed superb 🥳ðŸ‘
  5. Well done John, great start to the season ðŸ‘
  6. Well done sandy 👠and all who made the result
  7. Well done John 👠5 from 5
  8. Contact 01259 215640
  9. tintin

    Su15 Ne7216

    This bird will be released in the Aberdeen area about lunch time
  10. In yesterday, hopefully will be liberated tomorrow at blairgowrie
  11. Well done John , birds in top form ðŸ‘
  12. tintin

    2 X Strays

    Both birds in tonight Su19f 2970 BE19 4121617
  13. tintin


    Anybody give a lift to a bird belonging a guy in Tyne & wear, from central Scotland, was hoping to get it on our transporter but we’re not racing this weekend?
  14. tintin

    Gb19A 35568

    In today race rubbered
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