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  1. Some years ago i read a post on here, think it was posted by the doo man? It was regarding selecting your race birds and do this by the way they return to your loft on race day. If they are not the first pigeons to your loft once that year they are gone. Can anyone remember or find it please? thank you...
  2. Escaped - NL 2009 1419636 Blue Cock
  3. i have one mate, if you are interested pm me.
  4. Need 1 collecting from Kent and delivering to Rotherham, can any couriers help? Please ring me 07836 773335
  6. Tell you what Mark they are Quality ;)
  7. Yep can have ped's and i'm from Rotherham.
  8. Here's the sire of the cheq hens - Golden Bonfire
  9. Because i dont race hens as old birds i find myself over stock with hens. All bred from my Direct Joop Koch family. Most are full sisters to multi 1st prize winners and most won prizes as ybs. All one price £30 each pictures below. The 4 cheq's are from a Golden Bonfire - direct son of Bonfire. ( i have attached his picture - bred 4 x 1st)
  10. Lots 1 & 4 still available Lot 1 £10???? Lot 4 £30????
  11. No 2 & 3 sold. Offers on other 2 welcome, i need the room.
  12. No 2 Now Sold Will except offers for others if anyone is interested, these really are good hens.
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