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  1. Fair Play

    Tam Law

    A pigeon fancier in our club asked if Tam Law was still to the fore
  2. It seems certain people have a lot of information why not impart it to all Fed members too many small cliques when we should be one big unit
  3. No Alexandria delegates at the meeting vice president phoned to find out how many baskets we had
  4. Sorry blue pied who was the delegate on the phone to me
  5. Jumping the gun again Alan nothing official all monies ready to be paid to Glasgow Fed once all is settled Sorry B/C if you are a bit sensitive don't read the post I would be extremely sorry to be the reason for your injury
  6. Contingency plan - Serves as a backup sometimes referred to as plan B because it can be used as an alternative.Time to move onwards and upwards. Alexandria established 1938 The End
  7. Stuart arrangement were made at the agm a number of years ago for Alexandria to experience CM M.MANN was our sec at the time race came and when nobody appeared where did they go definitely not the Vale.We are so sorry to be at the end of the line and causing all this trouble so sad as they are one of the oldest members in the Fed.The problem lies in the fact we knew for at least three years that transport could well be a problem and at the last moment we are running about looking for trailers to get the season up and running.I was a VP for 3years and only ever had one call about a race point never party to any other decisions or discussions that were taken SORRY FOR THE RANT just felt sorry for VP jim Ballantine left sitting at the top table like a fish out of water when seems other clubs had already been making alternative arrangements after our letter was sent in maybe heresay in some of this but no smoke without fire
  8. Stuart you go to your club by choice I am sure there are clubs on your doorstep I accept your choice and just a small fact in the agm accounts Alexandria contributed the highest amount of cash into the Fed.sorry to say it will not be the same this year.
  9. Wullie As sec I sent the letter countersigned by the club President got a phone call to say letter not accepted as I was not a fed member President then submitted the letter on behalf of club members.As I had to give up the birds through no fault of my own I asked if it was possible to be a social member of the Fed but was told there was no provision for it.All this hassle because we tried to make it easier for our members no wonder there are no young men joining pigeon clubs.
  10. To try and help our traveling members Alexandria asked if the Dumbarton club could be considered but letter was never read out at the egm then members would have seen what was asked but believe that still left one club out on a limb.Clydebank could have went to Chryston as in the past it happened at both training and central marking please correct me if I am wrong (ISTBC)
  11. we never made the rules only followed them
  12. we at Alexandria have two members traveling 75miles to basket their birds at our club and another two 20 to 25miles so hardly getting them picked up on their doorstep
  13. Had to get rid of all my birds due to the fact my upstairs neighbour caught Pfl by walking past my lofts to get to her garden.
  14. Not now debt has been paid
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