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  1. It really is worth a visit to see some of the vastly different breeds on show.
  2. She will not mind me saying this but her photo is in the last edition of Feathered World and will be in the next one as well, also her photograph was taken by the the local newspaper.
  3. Well done Chrissy, I know the Best Flier one is a very hard to get because I know there were a lot of entries there today, (Albert told me ).
  4. All you seem to here about now is lofts being broken in to and birds stolen, heartbreaking when it takes you a long time to build up some good winning birds only for somebody to break in and steal them.
  5. A lovely bird and a nice photograph as well
  6. My husband has a room that is practically full of pigeon magazines, including the ones shown above plus plenty other different ones, fed up asking him to move them somewhere else, it does not take long for a collection to mount up after a few years.I only buy one every month about the shows.
  7. Well that is exactly the same problem we are having with ours for today Chrissy, some of the birds we had paid our entries for are no longer in a good enough condition to be taken now,a bit mangey round the head and neck, it was a pity our last show was cancelled because they were fine for that one, and after today it is a bit of a wait till the next one, Albert should have arranged something else for us.
  8. A lot of money raised for a worthy cause
  9. yes saw it , and you were correct, maybe this is another round he has bred for sale
  10. It is funny that you should mention that, because I was just thinking the same thing myself and was trying to find that thread , but can't
  11. If I was thinking about buying latebreds at this time they would have to be bred off something that I thought would make an improvement to my lofts, so would have to see what they were bred off and what kind of performances they had been putting up.
  12. well it is sometimes a bit of luck that is needed when you are trying to get the right pair to start producing the goods for you
  13. Hope all the missing birds turn up for everybody, maybe this is why I only have a few as pets, would hate to lose them,,I know they are racing pigeons and that is why they are kept, but maybe I am too soft for that.
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