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  1. Been advised to use Gem Matrix, to get better comdition on my birds. I'm currently using Black & red minerals daily, with homerform every few weeks. Is it worth getting?
  2. I've found the chap who officaly does the injecting for the local racing pigeon club. he's kindly agreed to do it for me I've bought the Nobivac from hyperdrug and it should be with me next week. Hopefully next year i'll get my birds injected when the racing club does theres as they group buy the vacine and inject at the same time.
  3. Thanks for the replys i'll order tomorrow morning from hyperdrug. Your righ show rules don't require vacination but i don't want to bring back any thing back to my loft. I'll ask my local racing pigeon man to show how to inject.
  4. I keep fancy pigeons and the show season is about to start, and i thought i would vacinate my birds againt PMV for the first time. I was told to buy some columbovac pmv, but I could not find any for sale on the internet. I was recomended this as its safer to use. Instead i've found Nobilis (Nobivac) PMV Vaccine for sale, and i need some advice as how to inject. Does this vacine come with saringes and how do i inject? I read that you inject the skin at the base of the next, away from the head. Looking on Youtube i've seen 2 american videos, showing how to inject between the leg and the body which look easier than at the back of the neck. what do you think?
  5. If you plan to show the birds at shows, i would contact the NPA secretary Graham Giddings. http://www.nationalpigeonassociation.co.uk/#/committee/4526934528 Ask Graham for the breed club deatils, contact them and ask them for the top breeders details of the colours that you want. Generally breeders don't show/sell birds until winter, this gives the new youngsters a chance to malt and develop. After this stage they sell the ones they don't want. If you pm / post the what colours you want and age of each breed, i'm planning to attend a private lawn show hosted by Nottingham Pigeon Fanciers Club this weekend. I will ask who is breeding the best with your chosen colour. Or if you prefer ask for low show quality birds if you are looking to keep them as pets.
  6. Update, treated with canker medication and it seems to have done the trick.
  7. I've treated my hen for coccidiosis using harkers Coxoide. The body weight is fine, she eats fine, drinks a lot of water. She is feeding a youngster in the nest, the youngster is fine and is putting on weight. I've locked the pair (hen & cock) in a large pen at the start of the breeding season, so they are already spearated from all others. What can I do next?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Your right, the parents only sit on top over it during the night.
  9. Any tips on feeding 2 week old squab, its just getting the primary feathers throught its skin. I think the parents on not keeping it warm, but they are feeding it. I was thinking of removing it, and keeping it warm ( not know how warm it needs to be?)under a heat lamp. Any advice or links? Thanks
  10. Is there a pigeon fair at walsall football club this weekend?
  11. Here is a link to the Defra site:http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/int-trde/imports/iins/birds/a9.htm you need to tell them (your local office) in advance that your brining in pigeon from Europe. I would have a chat with them before you go. Mine were fine about it. Here to find your office: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalhealth/about-us/contact-us/search/index.asp They do ask where (City) there coming from, if the area has a reported Bird flue then they will tell you not to bring them back. I don't think that you need a vets certificate, but you will need a recipt / doc as to where the pigeons come from address. I've been a 2 times to Dortmund (Germany) pigeon show, to buy pigeons.
  12. "why is it not suitable for show pigeons?", just the small things, like colours of parents. The colours that are avilable from the drop down list are "racing pigeons" I saw tried a few dummy birds to see if it will show brothers or sisters etc which i could not work out or it does not do that. I'm trying a free product : Hawkeye Loft Management System Lite, can be found here http://www.comproware.com/ PJC i'm thanking of taking your original advice and getting myself a book. I tried creating a simple access database and its not as easy as i thought.
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