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  1. unc will be starting on the 17 4 21 all being well, podgy
  2. This bird has been knocking about my allotment for about 10 days any way I got him in today His ring number is su 19 nw 4010 This pigeon has been clipped down in both wings badly he can fly but not far he's flown down but with a bit of tlc he will be fine Can some one point me in the right direction Thank yu
  3. podgy


    well done Derek never far away , george
  4. yous lads are getting some poor races , I was at swallwell last week watching the lib , and the birds seemed to go well , I couldn't believe it when I saw some of the result's , only 1,000 ypm and under , hope the re3turns were decent . podgy
  5. podgy

    Mr Allan Todd

    well done alan, and all the other fanciers that helped out ,
  6. well done all , i watched the liberation and the birds seem to clear the site well ,how far were yous flying , thanks
  7. i was at the liberation today , can I ask how your race went , thank you
  8. mine are on the dark now and moulting the body feathers well, they will be on the dark until the longest day but its up to the fancier when he or she wants to take them off , hope this helps
  9. podgy

    Snfc Gold Cup

    good luck lads hope yous have a good race , podgy
  10. very well done , podgy
  11. podgy


    I've used it for about 12 months and this year was my base mix for breeding and my ybs are on it now, I don't race on it but im sure some fanciers might do , I get mine from Terry Knox at Swalwell for approx £11 50 , 20 kilo bag ,,
  12. RIP, john, and condolences to the family podgy
  13. Good morning ,Sunny dry and chilly here in south east Durham, podgy
  14. podgy

    Arona Olr

    it doesn't matter which way you look at it there's for to many birds in one loft or space , to be looked after and trained properly , there's no doubt that there's birds from some of the best lofts world wide but there's some thing getting sadly over looked because these sort of losses happen year in year out and there's nothing getting done to put it right , podgy
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