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  1. Is a brother and sister pairing ok or too close. Whats peoples opinions on pairing brother and sister. Has anyone had any winning pigeons out of this pairing.
  2. Yeah thats what's happening to another one that I bred earlier in the year, same Sire different Dam. Now its going through the moult it's losing the dark shade colour.
  3. If i pair a chequered cock that comes from black pigeons with a black hen, will the babies be black ?
  4. What couriers pick up from Belgium and what sort of prices please ?
  5. I have 2 Grizzles that have bred 1 Grizzle and one Blue. Is it possible to breed a Blue from 2 grizzle parents or does this question the paternity of the cock ?
  6. yeah its some i want to put in the drinker
  7. Is the Iodine at the chemists the same stuff you buy that is titled for pigeons or is it different. It is cheaper but I dont want to give it to the birds if it is not safe The ones at the the chemist say contain Ethanol, dont know if pigeon ones do but the ones I read didnt mention Ethanol
  8. When do the actual prize winning races start ?
  9. Have you been over to watch the final race Willie, what's it like ?
  10. Yeah £220 Euro. Willie if you activate someone else's bird who takes any prize money or is it split between the breeder and who has activated it. Also I was wondering if the pigeon is auctioned off at the end, who has the money ?
  11. Yeah me and the Mrs was looking at that activating pigeons last night. Still trying to understand properly how it all works. Gonna phone the British agent and Fire some questions at him before we decide for sure we want to get involved but I would like to enter some of my pigeons I bred myself at home though even if I only ever do it once, just want to tick it off the list of things to do at the moment and see how we get on. Mrs is on about activating someone else's pigeon though. I've got them birds I had off you Willie with young in the nest already, look forward to testing them in the 2 new clubs me and the Mrs joined this year 😀
  12. Always wanted to enter this OLR. Every year I look into it but don't end up doing it. This year I think I'm gonna though, im seriously considering it though. Ive a holiday booked for the end of September in Tenerife and have already asked them if I can visit the lofts while I'm there, in fact I booked the holiday and ten minutes later sent the email asking them about visiting the lofts, lol, got to get your prioritys right. I know my chances of winng I slim against the best in the world but I bet every person who plays the lottery says the same thing, it doesn't stop them buying a ticket though. If nothing else it's something I can cross off my list of things to do, racing the Barcelona International being the next thing
  13. Has anyone got the number for Serge Van Elsacker Jepson please ?
  14. I meant 1 pigeon don't know why I put 2
  15. Don't suppose anyone happens to be travelling down from Rincorn area to Birmingham who could drop 2 pigeon off for me ?
  16. I'm looking for some information on ETS clocking systems as am thinking of changing to it next year when I join a new club that use it. I've never had to bother before as the club I'm in doesn't allow it. Firstly can you use ETS on open door if the pad is on the floor inside the loft door ? Does the bird have to touch the pad of does it have to just pass over it, if so how far above the pad will it still pick up the chip ring. Trying to establish if I can still use open door like I always have or if I am gonna have to change to traps. Is the Bricon any good ?
  17. Cheers for replys everyone. I think were gonna drive over with the mrs and kids as the mrs wants to choose a couple of birds herself
  18. Could anyone tell me what's the earliest date the Lier Pigeon Market starts please. Also I understand it is only on on Sundays is this right and it starts at 6.00am ?
  19. shweet

    Stray In

    Can anyone tell me where GB14 18005
  20. Pmv is a different disease to Newcastle disease altogether, I know all pigeons have to be innoculated against PMV and that it is a compulsary requirment but to innoculate against anything else is a choice. Newcastle disease has its own vaccine.
  21. I have never vaccinated against it before but was just wondering whether I should be. I found this and after reading that the Uk doesn't have a problem the end bit about variant virulent virus confused me and made me none the wiser to wether a vaccine would be feisable or not. Does anyone on here vaccinate for Newcastle disease and if so what are your reasons. Newcastle disease is a highly contagious disease of birds caused by certain strains of avian paramyxovirus (APMV1). Occasionally virulent strains of APMV1, normally only found in pigeons, can infect poultry causing Newcastle disease. Birds affected by this disease include fowls, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants, guinea fowl and other wild and captive birds, including ratites such ostriches, emus and rhea. Poultry in Great Britain are currently free of Newcastle disease but a variant virulent virus has been endemic in racing pigeons since 1983. The virulence of the viruses also vary from very high to mild. Viruses of low virulence are used throughout the world as vaccines. The virulent viruses are OIE List A pathogens and infection consitutes a notifiable disease. Im assuming Its saying that poultry don't have it but pigeons do ?
  22. Thankyou for your replies
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