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  1. Me and my dad had one like this years ago, it was a red cheq one side and a blue cheq the other, with white flights, he called it a red/white and blue, good a name as any I think:D
  2. Thank you John, I'm now sorted Fred
  3. Has anyone got an ETS system for sale? Thanks Fred
  4. Tony the mysofts a bullseye mate, I've got his number if you want it
  5. Hi Mick No it don't, you have to input it manually, and Tony I think linnell do a race programme, I think its compatable with T3's not sure though, worth ringing linnells but dont hold your breath, as I emailed them and it took ages for them to get back to me, thats why I went with Mysoft ATB with your search Fred
  6. TBH I dont think it takes that long at all, we have approx half on clocks and half ETS, I cant comment on any other programme because i've only tried Mysoft Fred
  7. I have just bought the Mysoft system Tony, its very good and the back up off Sandy is excellent, its very reasonably priced, and easy to use ATB Fred
  8. has not set their status

  9. Can somebody going to the sale please give Robert my best regards Thanks Fred Holbard
  10. Congratulations to Steven Fenech on winning the Essex and Kent Combine from Scotch Corner yesterday with his good dark cock 'Bolt' well done steve regards Fred Holbard
  11. It's definitely a lack of salt, put a salt lick from a horse shop in with the breeders, the droppings will firm up in two days regards fred
  12. word of warning, don't leave lights on (extended daylight) in the racing shed, as you will bring on the moult. Regards Fred
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