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  1. Some have been transported back and put over the ets just so owners know what's turned up
  2. One bird has finally made it home under its own steam, and was bred by the same person who won the first potp one loft final, that is some breeding ,J P HUME. FROM PORTLAND
  3. no need for the police or counselling, or for that matter a few weeks ban, just kick his *expletive removed* of the field and show him the door, no more wages or golden handshake, we are just to bloody soft in this counrty giving people chance after chance and making excuses for their actions, it does not matter who they are if they cant do it right then dont do it at all, i wlll wager that anyone who reads this if they had been the one on the end of the punch would have wanted him banned for life
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    you could try local scaffolding firms, the good ones are always replacing boards because of health and safety, the ones they let go have very little wrong with them
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    always lots for sale on ebay, you may be lucky and get some close by
  6. Anybody got any unwanted magazines BHW or others they are willing to part with, i am happy to pay post and packing
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    if we all stopped buying crap from abroad and were happy to earn a living wage we would not have enough men or women to do all the work, and by a living wage i dont mean a couple of foreign holidays every year, a new car every couple of years, a couple of meals out every week etc, lets get some common sense folks, we cant have our cake and eat, We have to stop paying our employees, yes we all employ local and national goverment employees their wages a damm sight more than they can reasonably earn in 38 hrs a week
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    Loft Wanted

    a couple of lofts for sale on birdtrader cheap, dont know where they are but worth a look http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/birds/pigeons-for-sale/all/pigeon-lofts-sheds/BT169214
  9. http://www.redroselo...tarter_loft.htm been looking at this loft as a potential starter loft, some good bits on you tube , loft design has been changed to suit the fancier
  10. cheers mate. looking forward to it
  11. i have been told there is a show this weekend at abadare, not sure if sat or sun, anybody know?
  12. Great Idea, there is loads of stuff on the web, just need to find it and pass on the details, savings to be made
  13. I think that the tobacco stalks help prevent mites attacking the birds especially the youngster who cannot get away from them
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    it makes no differance who is in power we are all going to moan about how much they are taking away from us, we have 2 major problems in this country, we dont have any politicians with any common sense who will stand up and call a spade a spade,If you want a politician who is going to stand up for the common man you are going to have to get them voted in If you earn more you should be willing to pay a little more in, But there is no sense in paying local government employees £100,000 a year, THEY DONT EARN IT in fact i dont think anyone can EARN it, Another problem is that we just dont make anything in this country anymore, we are to happy to take cheap inferior goods from other countries, they dont last very long so we throw them away and buy more, the chineese just love us to bits, they have an economy growing so fast they dont know what to do with all the money, Money we have spent buying cheap rubbish, do you think they are going to buy anything from us and let us earn a little, Not A Chance
  15. 7 miles north west of Lampeter, Ceredigion, in the middle of nowhere or at least it feels like it
  16. Thanks phil but travelling out to merthyr ia just the same no such thing as a straight road round here
  17. the reason i was thinking sprint is because of the training flights, with the roads as they are around me it can take 45-60 minutes just to get to carmarthen
  18. Who can tell me what strains families i should be looking for,i think i am going to start of pure sprinting which i think is going to be my best way of starting in the sport
  19. Your offer is much appreciated and i will bear it in mind, thanks for the info on the show, will certainly be looking to go there if at all possible, all the very best to you
  20. But were do i start, surely i need to decide on a system, Widdowhood, Darkness, Natural? before building the loft, i dont want it to become a full time hobby so how small a setup could i get away with?, i would be happy to send a couple of birds away to races, not looking to send a basket full, do i need three sections or two in the loft, i have read a couple of books and searched the net but the more you see the more confusing it gets, Ian
  21. For a lot of years i have had an interest in homing pigeons, i used to spend hours as a ten year old boy sat outside lofts belonging to miners when i lived in derbyshire and for the last 40 years wanted to have a go myself, now having had a bit of a health scare( looks like a bypass is going to happen soon) i have decided that if i dont do it now i never will, i have kept various livestock over the years, presently showing rabbits with my daughter and partner, got a few sheep( nice lamb with the mint sauce) and a few hens, i am self employed well at least at the moment ( dont earn much but pays the bills). I would like to ask for the advice of all you old hands out there on what is the best system for a newbie to go for, i am not sure if to go for long distance or sprints, What breeding should i look out for relating to distance. In short tell me what to do in your opinion I am thinking of maybe 4 to 6 pairs , Could i get away with less?, Building my own loft, How big or Small can i get away with?, Maybe you would like to be my online mentor as i dont think i have anyone closer than about 25 miles at the moment, i think the nearest club that i can make out is about 40 miles away, Dont want to rush the procces but would like to be looking for young birds next spring and maybe some old birds for breeding, I live near LAMPETER which is in west Wales just South East of Aberystwth ,Look forward to your thoughts
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