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  1. lot18 £20.00 peter Done Thanks
  2. Hi Ian, will get the wife to pay later in the week, when she gets home. Very well done to you all.
  3. hope to see your name co the next AGM ATB Peter
  4. lot 29/33 £25.00 each PETER Done Thanks
  5. peter66

    Mrs Brown'S Boys

    I second that had a great time, go to see you wave back brian. they can pock the beer at that price, 2 x beer, 2 x j2o cost me £12.40, next year will take my own
  6. Back to work tomorrow, then to the bicc in the evening to see Mrs Brown Boys

  7. peter66

    Mrs Brown'S Boys

    will contact you over the weekend brian.
  8. get on your bike, that will save :animatedpigeons: at Blckpool, more to spend on the missis
  9. peter66

    Mrs Brown'S Boys

    so are we brian we are going next wednesday. which day are you going??? could be :emoticon-0167-beer: time
  10. 1st time in my club we have had 100% returns. other week be crap. i am down to 7 to race which went to day the club, are on their 6 race this was my 3rd and started with 15, all yearlings.
  11. legging not the word, it go's to show how unfit iam. for a 21yrs old :lol: if only. atb peter
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