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  1. Rest in peace Tony so sad to hear this news ,Taken too soon .my condolences too all family connections
  2. Happy birthday and a belated birthday wishes to an auld mate Mr G Briggs and his big family I WILL GET IN TOUCH LATER I mean it as not been well for ages and ages Really sorry George I
  3. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes thank you all very much .
  4. Thanks Dave hope you are wellt too ,and give all my best to Faith and Callum
  5. Well done clocky ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  6. I,very sorry to hear this very sad news,a good friend and a very good man god bless you John and rest in peace .
  7. Would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me good wishes on my birthday ,thank you very much . My operation went well and I go back on Tuesday for a check up and again I would like to thank everyone for there concern and there good wishes Thank You Harry
  8. Well done 1st class mate Dave &Callum pirie will have a few drams for you after that result,to you and Callum Arabest 'and pass my good wishes onto Faith. HARRY
  9. Return of pigeon sorted ,thanks RED CH HEN
  10. Is there anyone on the site who can help ,a friend has a pigeon in Tenby with a non fancier if someone can help him or me it will most appreciated thank you
  11. Rest in peace old friend very happy memories we had together throughout our long friendship ,may your god be with you auld friend .
  12. Pigeon belongs Newburgh club Brian tel 01337840950 ok
  13. Get well soon mate thinking off you take good care .Harry
  14. So sorry to hear this sad news today ,having had email from my good friend Rose to let me know ,condolences to liz and all his family .
  15. rembrant2coo


    Happy Birthday John have a good time Arabest mate give me a call if your through way you know where I. Am
  16. Happy new year to everyone hope it’s a good one .ARABEST IN 2018
  17. This is sad news a nicer guy you could ever meet , will be a big loss rest in peace mate .
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