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  1. meeks

    Looking For Loft

    send me your number and i will whats app pics
  2. meeks

    Looking For Loft

    i have a 16x6 in ek if any use to u
  3. the hours of darkness easily made fair this late in the season have a mid day lib no doos on the day then its a fair race for everybody from the south to the north on second day problem solved
  4. well done auld yin you can buy the beers at blackpool way your pool money
  5. well done blaw hame Allison just a pity you cany pick your poolers ya fud
  6. meeks

    Shu Sale 2017

    lot 4 150 ian Thanks Ian
  7. meeks

    Shu Sale 2017

    can I bid 130 on lot 4 ian thanks Thanks Ian
  8. looks like a carstairs night out to me
  9. well said dava if the race controllers had any balls atoll they would admit their mistake and walk birds haven't got a start at gold cup for the 2nd year running and that's their job to make sure they do not birds of prey not rain in north of England unfit for purpose comes to mind
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