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  1. Rip Sammy d Mitchell and muir bros
  2. its easy to say that after the race, controlers nightmare dammed if you do dammed if you dont
  3. so what makes it a one day race or a 2 day race ? 2 day race can have birds timmed on day of lib
  4. was just wondering where the rule was thats all bobby 4 i think i found it on SHU race rules number 16 but it dosent tell you what constitutes a one day race ?
  5. well done the two jims what is the race cut off time jim
  6. thats the diffrence brian lanarkshire went yesterday when eveyrone else held over
  7. and how did you think that big davie
  8. was only pointing out it was a good race for some not everyone in the fed had it bad as bibbendum stated in his post
  9. 1st-4TH 5TH 9TH 10TH L Mc Calley 1220 2nd,3rd,7th T Corrie s/g/s 8th D Love well done Lewis
  10. lanarkshire skelped today 1/9,0/8,//0/14,/9/28 and so on and doos reported in middlsborough that were at race
  11. JCN Club:Ayrshire Posted Today, 13:48 PM Steady race for Ayrshire 14/19 here ??????????????????
  12. its sad when john is the only one that can do it ,and has to apoligise ,your health comes first john all the best with the hospital appointment
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